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Fitrah is a non-profit social enterprise that empowers Sacramento County's most vulnerable youth
Those who are in the foster care system, court-involved, homeless or out of school. 

We empower them by letting them run our businesses.

Our program

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why our program works

Are you passionate about foster youth? homeless youth?
Did you know that we partner with United Way California Capital Region and Our Promise California State Employees Giving at Work to en sure we have the critical components need to carry out our nonprofit’s mission effectively? If you work for the State of California or at one of more than 250 local companies like SMUD, Target or Nationwide, you can choose to give a portion of your paycheck to help us give real paid job to the most vulnerable youth in our community, youth aging out of the foster system or homeless.
This provides us with a consistent cash flow and we’re able to check payouts, donor details and more, taking the administrative burden off us. Plus, companies sometimes offer matching funds – helping your dollars make an even bigger impact.

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Self-confidence and success in anything go hand in hand. For vulnerable system-involved youth, gaining self-confidence, being trusted, and envisioning better for themselves when no one else ever has are a natural consequence of being trusted with the responsibility of work. Our expectations are high, and soon our kids have high expectations of themselves. And that’s when they soar!

Consider giving to Fitrah (OP code: 1982) through your workplace giving campaign today.
Our non-profit code: 1982

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