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Our goal is to enhance young women’s lives through a local year-long job training program here in Roseville, California offering them access to practical basic skills and the knowledge necessary to start an online business. We bring women together not only so that they can learn, but so they can gain moral support and grow from their shared experiences and help strengthen one another on their common journey.

They will thus be able to take the learned skills and use them to not only improve their own lives but help to benefit their entire community.

Beyond simply teaching them business skills and offering vocational prep, Unify Women will also educate women regarding a wide array of psychological, and sociological topics including coping with stress, family management, and overcoming issues of low self-esteem.


Program Impact: 


Vanquishing cycle of crisis A large part of the problem is the lack of support. It is most difficult to emerge from a state of crisis without access to education, without future goals and with little to no motivation to achieve them. By helping to raise women up, and encouraging through a support program, we can also end the cycle of crisis.

Caring Communities – Communities grounded in a culture with no support have difficulty finding their way out of this deadly cycle. Unify Women wants to encourage to foster a caring community, societies that embrace the needs of women otherwise struggling and foster the betterment of all of its people.

The Right to Success – Success needs to be a right, not a privilege. Especially for women in crisis, seeking better, healthier lives, they need access to the resources that can truly give their lives new meaning.  Unify Women want to empower these women and teach them to become self-sufficient and earn income for themselves and their families. 

Spurring Economies – Fostering economies of impoverished areas in our community helps to make the citizens stronger, more confident.  They will be better wives, better mothers, and leaders in our community.  It broadens the possibilities for so many.



Creating Change Together!

After the Training…

After completion of the year-long training program, the women we coach will gain access to financial resources and more advanced training that they might need to become successful in their own lives. They will be equipped with a start-up package which includes a professionally designed website, access to internet service for their first year and a mini-loan to get their business launched.  We will introduce them to business management services, banking resources, as well as cooperatives in which they can interact with others following a similar path toward a brighter, healthier future.     


This program is still in development, we will start accepting applications in Jan 2020 for our first group of women.


Local Job training program


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