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Sughra Najeeb 

Program Manager

Sughra Najeeb is our Program Manager at FITRAH. She has 25 years of business, marketing and project management experience gained in the UK and Canadian financial services industries.  In her free time, Sughra's interests include foreign travel, music, literature and mindful living.  Sughra has joined FITRAH as she is a firm supporter of building a fairer society with equal rights and equitable treatment for all humans, regardless of their race, creed, disability, gender or social background.  


Nadia Niazi

Founder and President

Nadia Niazi is the founder and President of FITRAH. She is a Canadian-American, an optimist, humanitarian and entrepreneur.  After almost a decade as a business owner, she was driven to do something with the knowledge she had acquired running an online eCommerce store.  She founded FITRAH by donating her store eStyleo and co-developed a social enterprise created for vulnerable youth to take charge of. Nadia is a strong advocate for equality and has made it her life-long mission to ensure that regardless of race, religion or gender, every youth be given the opportunity to thrive. 


Imene Smati

Project Coordinator

Imene Smati is project coordinator a for FITRAH's online store.  She started her first year at UC Santa Cruz.  Imene joined our team with strong social media and marketing skills to lead our online store.  In addition to the volunteer work at FITRAH, she also volunteers her time at the local library and at kids camps during the summer.  She joined FITRAH to raise awareness about the needs of many youth in our community.

Zara Shaheen

Social Media Coordinator

Zara Shaheen is the Social Media Coordinator for FITRAH. Passionate about helping others and giving back to her community, Zara is a member of the National Junior Honors Society as well as Hands4Hope. She will be starting High School this Fall. Her subjects of interest are Computer Science and Technology. In her free time she loves expressing her creative side by sketching, drawing digitally and bullet journaling. Zara is dedicated to her goal of trying to ensure that all youth have the same opportunities in order to succeed.



Hadeel Muhareb

Marketing Director

Hadeel Muhareb is the Marketing Director for FITRAH. As a Palestinian-American, she has always had a passion for travel and has lived in various parts of the world. She studied Business Marketing at Sacramento State and received her Masters in International Business in London. She started out her career in Social Media and Digital Marketing while living in Dubai and then continued to develop her expertise when she returned to the US while working in San Francisco in Content Marketing and AdTech. Throughout her career she has enjoyed using her skills to support causes she believes in gain the attention they deserve online. Currently, her time is spent as a stay at home mother to two amazing little boys. Gratitude is what brought her to FITRAH and she hopes to help empower foster youth to not just survive but thrive.


Amreen Keval

Volunteer Coordinator / Project manager

Amreen Keval is the Volunteer Coordinator/Project Manager at FITRAH. Born and raised in Africa, Amreen came to live in California as a teenager and completed her education in the Bay Area. After obtaining her Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, she spent some years working for the County of Alameda within the IT sector before moving to Rocklin. As a mother of three, Amreen has spent her recent years as an active member of the parent volunteer community in her children’s schools. In her free time, Amreen enjoys the challenge of home improvement projects and is not afraid to carry out minor home repairs. Amreen is committed to building stronger communities by supporting vulnerable youth through education, mentorship, and training programs.

ayaan bio
Diane Evans


Diane Evans started her career as an Occupational Therapist, and then after earning her Master of Public Health Degree continued working as a program manager. After 30 years in the healthcare field, Diane decided it was time to follow her passion for travel and photography and founded PhotoFluent. There she teaches creatively and culturally curious people how to tell the story of their adventures through beautiful photos. Diane’s mission is to empower women to find their voices through creativity, education, and exploration.
in need through FITRAH.

Ayaan Keval

Website Manager

Ayaan Keval is the Website Manager at FITRAH. He is currently a sophomore at Granite Bay High School, and has interests in computer science and animation. He enjoys writing and listening to music in his free time and hopes to pursue a career related to technology. He is also a member of Boy Scouts Troup 121 and is dedicated to lending a hand to those in need through FITRAH.

Diane Evans.jpg
Imene Smati

Project Coordinator

Imene Smati is a second-year student at UC Santa Cruz. She is studying molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.  She has been working on projects with Fitrah for 4 years and is currently leading a team to create an online virtual training program for youth.  Her favorite part about volunteering is the ability to spread awareness for vulnerable youth in order to provide a sense of support. In her free time, she loves to travel, read, and spend time with family/friends. Her  goal for this year is to increase communication skills and reach more people for support through a Facebook group she is managing called Empower Our Foster-Youth In Transition: Sacramento/Placer County. 

Jeanne Bauer Adams

Donation Distributor

Hammad Arshad

Donation Distributor

Hammad Arshad is part of the Video Production team with FITRAH. He is currently is a Sophmore at Granite Bay High School and has interests in media production, health care and animation. He enjoys listening to music and in his free time he likes to volunteer at his near by musjid.

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