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WE BELIEVE when women are empowered, an entire nation can thrive

Inspired by a 60-year-old homeless woman who had been on the streets for 19 years, Founder Nadia Niazi was on a mission to help young women in crisis in our community from getting lost in our system.

She donated her online store which she had created 10 years ago to help launch this non-profit locally.  Together with her closest friends, they developed their first program to help young women in the foster care system, court involved, homeless or out of school.  They call it their job in training program in which women would learn everything from critical customer service skills, inventory management, technology and leadership skills; they can earn an income and become empowered by their support group. They want to help these women discover who they truly are and who they can be by empowering them with education.  


Unify Women, as their name suggests, is an effort to bring women together in order to be that strength, that vital support system that so many marginalized and underprivileged women need.


Join us to provide a different outlook for these young women.  Let's help them thrive!




Unify Women is on a mission to empower young women in the foster care system, court involved, homeless or out of school. Our goal is for them to learn, grow and heal.  By educating them and showing them how to run a business, we will empower otherwise struggling young women.  They will have a better outcome with their education, their work and their lives.  

Our mission

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